Whoosh! the Hamoye Data Science internship ends in a few days. Has it been a ride? Absolutely! This is an attempt to summarize my experience over the past six months as a Hamoye intern, and I hope you take something away from here.

Prior to the commencement of the internship, I had no experience whatsoever working with the Python programming language, and as a matter of fact; I had only just begun coding with SQL, and had only a couple of weeks of experience under my belt. I was much more familiar with tools like Excel, Power BI, and SPSS…

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The Stage F of the HamoyeHQ Data Science Internship 2020 which ended few weeks back had me working in a team on an open source project hosted on github. My team collaborated on developing an algorithm for fake news classifier using datasets hosted on Kaggle. One of my responsibilities in the team was to perform EDA and visualization on the datasets and this post is basically me sharing my findings.

“The rise of fake news during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election highlighted not only the dangers of the effects of fake news but also the challenges presented when attempting to…

PARTY BOMBERS; life of the party

Party bombing; as in photo bombing simply mean attending a party without invitation. In Yoruba language, these individuals are called, ‘mo gbó mọ yà’, literally meaning ‘I heard and I came’. Parties in Nigeria are commonly called ‘Owanbe’ and Owanbes may include weddings, birthdays, burial ceremonies, house warming and naming ceremonies.

Sincerely, these set of individuals called party bombers could be anyone; young, old, male or female. However, this trend is particularly common in recent times (before Covid19 of course) among the millennial population. They know absolutely nothing about the event or the celebrants…

In reality, Data Science projects often involves gathering information from variety of sources which might require data from multiple tables. Therefore, in order to conduct analysis, there is a need to join the tables. Merging in Python Pandas is a very effective way to successfully carry out this operation.

This tutorial aims to take you through the step by step process of different methods of merging data frames with pandas library in Python using the “how” argument.

First, Import datasets and convert to tables

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv(‘link.csv’)
#convert year column to dateobject
df[‘Year’] = pd.to_datetime(df[‘Year’], format = ‘%Y’).dt.year

As an ardent book lover whose father was an academic, I grew up with books lying everywhere around me. So reading books kind of came naturally to me, I was one of those people who read for fun. I got to read so many award winning novels at a very young age even though I do not get to read as much anymore. There were shelves on which books by different authors sat and till today I still have books I picked from my father’s library and haven’t read. It was one of those boring days at home during a…

Oftentimes, we are quick to make such expressions as; ‘…putting myself in your shoes’ or ‘you should put yourself in their shoes…’ Do you know what I have come to realize? It is possible that after trying so hard to force your feet into those shoes, you might still not be able to understand from the other person’s point of view before your legs start to get numb from constriction in blood flow or you just end up dragging your feet along because those shoes won’t just fit. Even Wikipedia agrees that ‘Empathy is the capacity to place oneself in…

I woke up quite early this Saturday morning feeling rather grumpy after spending most part of the night dreaming about food-Jollof rice to be specific. I had attended my best friend sister’s wedding engagement party the day before and I was too busy with helping around that I forgot to preserve the portion of the jollof rice that I would take home at the end of the day.

Now I blame myself, how could I have been so preoccupied that I forgot about what would have been the reward of my loyalty and hard work? It would have been the…

Adu Aanuoluwapo

Storyteller/Data Scientist/Psychologist

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